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Thank you for choosing to journey with us over the next two weeks! We hope the next several days provide

practical steps to growing and lasting intimacy with Jesus.

SUNDAY / 1.09.2022

MONDAY / 1.10.2022

TUESDAY / 1.11.2022

WEDNESDAY / 1.12.2022

THURSDAY / 1.13.2022

FRIDAY / 1.14.2022

SATURDAY / 1.15.2022

REVIVAL Logo.png

Whether you are a new believer trying to figure out how spending time with God works, or you have been a follower of Jesus for many years, this simple resource helps to guide us in our time with God. Through prayer, scripture, and action steps we are given a simple process to make our time with the Lord meaningful and focused. Click the button to download this simple yet effective tool! 

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