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July Church Letter

July 19, 2020 Rich Fork Church Member:

Since March 15th, our daily routines and Sunday traditions have been battered and tossed by frequent changes in our culture, brought on by COVID-19. During this season of constant change, we have been reminded on numerous occasions, through the books of Acts that we have purpose and power as the local church: We have a purpose to share the hope we have in Jesus Christ and we have power through the Holy Spirit in our lives. (Acts 1:8)

As a congregation, you have been faithful to shape our community by sharing the grace of Jesus Christ, but you have also been a constant in serving those around you. We have delivered meals to hospitals, shut-ins, widows, educators, and church members who have been hard hit by financial difficulties. God has given others the ability to build wheelchair ramps, clean and re-clean our facilities, and creatively develop ways to minister to our church family. This is just a sample of how you continue to be faithful to Rich Fork and our community.

You have also remained faithful in your generosity. As of 7/16/20, our yearly budget needs were $988,034.32​ a​nd you have exceeded that amount by giving $999,199.22 to the budget. You have amazed us in your faithfulness each step of the way.

The other example you have set for the community is your attitude of grace to the church leadership. Rich Fork has never been through a season such as this, yet you continue to watch online messages, worship to styles of music you are unfamiliar with, communicate through email and online small groups, and answer surveys as we prayerfully ask, “What does God desire to do through our church in this season?” We are fully aware that not every decision has made sense 100% of the time to everyone who attends Rich Fork, but I can promise you that our hope and prayer is that we make decisions with unity to protect the message of Jesus Christ. Thank you for your trust in our church leadership, it has not gone unnoticed.

As we entered the spring of 2020, one area we knew we would have to address would be the addition of staff members. This is due in large part to the retirement of Bob & Caron James. Bob served Rich Fork in many ways on the administrative side of the church, while Caron loved on our preschool families for over ten years.

The Personnel Committee has continued to work diligently to collect resumes, perform interviews, and prayerfully evaluate candidates for the following positions. I am thrilled to announce that the committee is going to nominate candidates for each of these positions.

  • Executive Pastor - Matt Bryant

  • Part-Time Preschool Director - Audrey McNeill

  • Part-Time Awana Coordinator - Rebecca Byerly

We have included a short information sheet on each of these incredible people for your information. (Job descriptions can be mailed or emailed to you by calling the church office, 336.476.6258)

In moving forward with these recommendations, we are following our by-laws by giving you this information in writing prior to a business meeting on Wednesday, July 29th, from 7:00-8:00 pm, followed by a vote on Sunday, August 2nd, 2020.

You may be asking: How will we conduct church business during COVID?

First of all, our business meeting will be conducted live in our Multi-Purpose Building Main Room, but it can also be accessed through the following zoom link online. If you have any questions online, you will have to ask them through a chat room, then they will be given to the moderator of the meeting or to a personnel team member to be shared during the meeting. We will not be displaying the video from your link, only the video of our camera for the night. Contact the church office for connecting

Secondly, the vote will be taken in three ways, giving everyone an opportunity to vote, but doing so in a manner aligned with our by-laws:

1. You can vote in person during one of our services on August 2nd, 2020.

2. You can drive by the church office during the service times on Sunday, August 2nd, 2020, and cast a ballot between 9:30 am - 12:00 pm. (We will have a location for this marked when you pull in and a personnel committee member will be there to offer any needed assistance.)

3. You can vote on Sunday, August 2nd, 2020, between 9:30 am 12:00 pm online, by using the link on our website named, ​“August 2nd Business Meeting.” (​In order to comply with our by-laws, the link can only be open during our worship service times on Sunday morning.) Why are we going to such lengths to move forward with adding these staff members at this time, in the middle of the struggles with COVID-19? The answer is simple. We are preparing for the future. We are being proactive and the personnel committee has done an exemplary job to present these candidates to you for a vote. With an affirmative vote, each of these new employees will begin work immediately as we discuss, plan, and put fall plans into motion. They need as much time as possible to acclimate to these roles, connect with current volunteers, and get to know our church families.

We will also ask you to vote on extending our 2019-20 Nominating Committee report to extend until October 31st, 2020. COVID-19, staff retirement, and other factors have created the need for our Nominating Committee to have more time to fill all of our volunteer opportunities, as well as allow our current committee two extra months to complete their roles for Rich Fork.

We realize this is a lot of information to take in via mail, but our desire is to communicate with you, with transparency regarding these processes and items of business that must be addressed.

As always, you can email me any questions regarding this process at, and/or the personnel chairperson, Carmen Black, at ​

Finally, but most importantly. We serve a powerful God. He is good, He is gracious, and He provided salvation for us through Jesus Christ. Then He asked us to share that good news with our community and the world. What a gift, but what a responsibility that cannot be ignored nor taken lightly. As we make decisions, vote on items of staffing and policies, may we keep in front of us the power we have been given to communicate our purpose.

Expecting MORE - Eph. 3:20-21

Pastor Michael



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