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What's your next step?

Trying to perfectly describe what a person needs to do to maintain a healthy relationship with another person is impossible, because every relationship is different. We acknowledge that God has created each person differently and therefore, there is no way to describe, in detail, exactly what a person's individual needs are on a piece of paper. With that said, we do believe that there are healthy practices that are true for all believers and vital to a healthy relationship and life focused on God.


We can split this into a couple of different areas of our lives. Our personal walk with God, and our walk alongside other believers - the church. These two sides are inseparable and naturally affect each other. Just coming to church each week and going through the motions, does not equate to a deep intimate relationship with God. Likewise, someone who studies scripture without the accountability of others can easily develop an unbalanced system of beliefs or practices.


Here are the next steps we feel are vital on both the personal life and

church life of every person.



Sunday Morning Services

8:30 am     - Worship Center

9:30 am     - Multi-Purpose Building

11:00 am   - Multi-Purpose Building

Anytime     - Online (




GROW Groups.

Due to the impact of COVID-19 our group structured has been modified to ensure the safety of those participating. For more information please email:


Groups at Rich Fork are a great way to engage with fellow believers and grow deeper in your faith. Most of our group offerings are at various times on Sunday morning and span a wide range of ages. To see a current list of groups, click the "Find a Group to Join" button.


If you are interested in leading a new group we would love to hear more about you and your interest. Please click the "Inquire About Leading a Group" button to get started with that process.


GROW Resources.

We are committed to helping you grow spiritually. Deeper connections with the Lord, fellow believers, and our community are critical to growth. Below you find resources and links to help you grow deeper. 







For an updated list of opportunities to serve our community locally, please visit the link below for more information:



For an updated list of opportunities to serve our world globally, please visit the link below for more information:

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