Midweek Update  |  April 16th

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Spending Time With God

You cannot lead others to God if you are not spending time with Him. Below is a helpful how-to guide.


Below you will find a basic format for how to conduct your time together as a small group.




RightNow Media is a great resource to help you lead and disciple people. It's free as a member of Rich Fork and you can sign up below.


Midweek Update  |  March 19th

Shortly after the creation of the world we see in the book of Genesis that God states, "It is not good that man should be alone." And so, God creates Eve and tells her and Adam to fill the earth. Throughout the new testament, we see examples and commands for how believers are meant to walk this earth together. At Rich Fork we believe it takes an intentional effort to be connected to other believers. More than that we all have incredibly busy lives and must make time each week to love, encourage, and hold each other accountable. While our worship gatherings are a great environment to worship and hear God's word, our Groups take the learning and application of God's word to a different level.

If you are ready to walk beside other believers as you live and learn together then this is for you. Groups meet on Sunday morning, Wednesday night, and throughout the week at various locations.

You can register below and someone will contact you about connecting with one of our groups.






Early Bird Class---Room 307----Teachers: Vic Own, Joan Albertson, Paul Albertson

Average age range is 20 to 90.  Average class attendance is 35. Primary study material is LifeWay: Explore the Bible. Lessons are a combination of lectures, video clips, and class discussion. The class has fellowship events throughout the year. Members are very friendly, caring, loving and view themselves as part of the Early Bird Family.




The Amazing Grace Class---Room 307----Teachers: David Nance, Kirby Kanoy, Larry Michael

Average age range is 50-80+. Average class attendance is 35. Primary study material is LifeWay: Explore the Bible. The lessons are a combination of lecture and class discussion. The class has fellowship events every 3 to 4 months and participates in a community outreach event every other month.  

New Disciples Class----Rm 305----Teachers: Steve Haynes, Ray Jordan, Doris Nixon

Average age range is 60-85. Average class attendance is 25-35. Primary study material is LifeWay: Adults Literature. Lessons are teacher-led and class discussion. The class has monthly get-togethers. This is a vibrantly friendly and loving class.




College and Career----Meets in the trailer at the back entrance of the church

Teachers: Casey and Kim Hearn

Average age is 19-25.  Average class attendance is 12-15. Study materials vary and topics vary from books of the Bible to series and topical studies. Class format is a discussion-based group setting. The class also meets Sunday evening at the Hearns’ home to share quiet times.  Regular class fellowship throughout the year includes dinners, games night, hiking trips, and Passion in Atlanta. During holidays and breaks from college, the class attendance increases.


The Spiritual Greenhouse Class----Room 203----Teachers: Cathy and Mo Chilton

Average age is 50-60. Average class attendance is 8-10. Study material is LifeWay: Adult Studies for Life. Class format is teacher lead and class discussion. Each lesson ends with a discussion of how the class members can practically apply the lesson to their lives.


Ladies Sunday School----Room 303----Teachers: Debra Teague and Cathy Robertson

Average age is 40-60. Average class attendance is 10-15. Study material is LifeWay: Bible Studies for Life. Class format is teacher-led and class discussion. This class participates in monthly outreach ministries. The ladies in this class are devoted to growing closer to HIM and committed to being the hands and feet of Jesus.


Servants of Christ---Room 304---Teachers: Dave Rich, Gordon Martin, Steve Horsley, Mike Sparks, Ron Cromer

Average age is 50-70. Average weekly attendance is 35-45. Study material is LifeWay: Explore the Bible. Class format is teacher-led with class discussion.  This class participates in fellowship activities and community outreach ministries throughout the year.  This class welcomes newcomers, strives to build connections and to demonstrate the love of Jesus to the community.


Praise Class----Room 305----Teachers: Sam Swaim, Joy Milliren, Jeff Eddinger

Average age is 40-70. Average weekly attendance is 10.  Study material is Lifeway: Bible Studies for Life.  Class format is teacher-led with class discussion. The class participates in monthly or bimonthly fellowship events and in a quarterly outreach ministry.


Room 306----Teachers: Steve Byerly, Nhan Nguyen, Kevin Parsley

The average age to 35 to 55. Average weekly attendance is 20 to 30.  Lessons are lecture and interactive. Study material is RightNow Media and lessons are topical. The class participates in fellowship activities every other month and a mission project once a quarter. It is a class that is eager to learn and grow and willing to help others in need.


Room 307---Teachers: Phil Madison, Kevin Black, Joel White, Matt Lytle

Average age is 25-55. Average weekly attendance is 30. The study material is varied as topics of studies are chosen by class or teachers. The class format is teacher-led with class discussion.  The class participates in quarterly fellowship and outreach ministries.


Room 309----Teachers: Scott Garner and Randy Waters

Average age range is 25-50. Average weekly attendance is 15-20. Study material used is RightNow Media’s Video Bible Studies. The class format is teacher-led with class discussion.


The Pathfinders----Room 316----Teachers: Eddie Brinkley and Kevin Parsley

Average age range is 55-65. Average attendance is 10-15.  Class format is a lecture with interactive discussion. Bible study topics are class and teacher selected. Study materials are teacher-created lessons and Right Now Media Videos.



Victory Fellowship----Room 207----Teachers: Nelson Bailey, Karl Milliren, Pat Shaw, Beverly Owen

Average age range is 55 and up. Average attendance is 15. Study material used is LifeWay: Explore the Bible. The class format is teacher-led with class discussion. This class studies the Bible with the goal of understanding the Word in-depth through interaction and discussion.  The class meets for a fellowship luncheon every other Sunday.


Special Needs Group: Classes are offered for people with Special Needs. Classes are offered at 7:30 a.m., 8 a.m., 10:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m. These classes are set up according to their ability and what will best meet the needs of your special person. LifeWay Literature is the material used by these classes. Social activities are offered with these classes. It is preferred that you met with the Children’s Minister to discuss which class is best for your special person, contact Kelly James at Rich Fork.​

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